1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
  2. 2.
  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
  2. 2.
    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vatertag--You're It!

"The Brain--is wider than the Sky--
For--put them side by side--
The one the other will contain
With ease--and You--beside..."

The temperature yesterday afternoon soared into the upper 90s (Fahrenheit), but this intrepid family--well, four of us, anyway--decided to visit an unusual park in Pensacola. Dinosaur Adventure Land promises on its website to be an "amazement park," sure to make you use your brain and not just entertain. I'm sure Micah's brain wheels were spinning like crazy as he explored the nearly empty place. Only a handful of people wandered about the place, as hot as the day was. Two-year-old Micah was nearly unstoppable. On the day before Vatertag, two generations of dads and this "Jam-ah" followed him around, urging him to slow down and take frequent water breaks. He calls SAM "Jap-ah," but his Aunt, that naughty Daughter-mine, thinks it's funny to have him call me Shamu, and SAM is aka "Chubba." I hope that as his reason evolves he will reckon Auntie's lesson as foolishness. We have to be careful with what we say around the little guy. I won't tell him anything yet about our family's Vatertag joke. It's a bit crude and has to do with eating beans and making some noise. At this age, he soaks things up and pays little attention to consequences. Sometimes he even goes the wrong way.

"The Brain is deeper than the sea--
For--hold them--Blue to Blue--
The one the other will absorb--
As Sponges--Buckets--do--"

"The Brain is just the weight of God--
For--Heft them--Pound for Pound--
And they will differ--if they do--
As Syllable from Sound--"

--Emily Dickinson, c. 1862--


  1. How ironic, we had white beans with our Fathers Day dinner tonight! tee hee. How wonderful to have the park all to yourselves a true Fathers Day for sure!

  2. Oh, I know Micah had a wonderful time there! How grand! Those are quite the nicknames he has for you and SAM!!! LOL...

  3. He's so cute! I hope you had a super great day yesterday! Funny names for you and oh that aunt. Gotta love the wit of her.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to see such joy on a child's face? Great to see Micah's pictures--the heat was the last thing on his mind, for sure! As for the names he addresses you all--that's so sweet!

  5. Oh to be a kid again when little things like 90-degree heat and humidity doen't bother you.

    If you ever get back to Illinois we have a wonderful museum developing here with a complete skeleton of a baby T-Rex and some new 'finds' just being brought in. Kids go nuts over anything dinosaur.

  6. Looks like a great time was had by all in spite of the heat! Kids all seem to be fascinated by dinosaurs.

    Youngest grandson just turned two and is just starting to talk. I was trying to get him to say "Grandma" yesterday, but all he wanted to say was "Papa" (Grandpa). I guess I know who counts in this family:)

  7. Skeeter, it wouldn't be Father's Day here without some kind of bean for dinner. This year it was baked beans. I usually add a little cilantro to counteract the side effects but didn't want to spoil the game.

    Julie, the names he had for us were harmless enough until Auntie exerted her impish influence.

    Thanks, Tina. We did have a great couple of days together. Micah and his rascally aunt definitely keep us smiling.

    Kanak, the heat doesn't faze him at all. It's a good thing because of where we live. We have to watch him closely when he plays (he calls it work) outside. He tries to emulate his hard-working dad, and he puts a lot of effort into everything he does.

    Marnie, one of our friends from S. Illinois is a paleontologist who works for the Geological Survey and also teaches at SIU. He goes out west every summer to hunt for fossils and dig up bones. What a fantastic job!

    Rose, I know what you mean about Grandpa getting top billing with grandson. But it seems to last as long as the fun does. When he needs some comforting, he usually reaches for me. And he always gives me the flowers that he picks.

    Hi, DP! I'm sure you know what I mean about the heat right now. The AC never seems to stop running during the day. Can't wait to see the electric bill next month. The trees we've planted over the last few years aren't providing enough shade yet. Must grow faster!

  8. He's so sweet, W2W. From your words I guess he was the only one having utmost fun. Funny! :D

  9. Dinosaur Adventure Land in the upper 90's - you're a brave, language cautious family!

  10. Grandkids are the best. Keeping up with them....oh boy.

  11. For some reason, Chandramouli, the trials of parenting and yes, even the bumpy spots in marriage, all seem worth it when the first grandchild comes along. It's something very mysterious about human nature....

    Welcome, Prospero! It's good to have a new visitor. I've been seeing your comments on other sites and meaning to stop by your place. See you soon! As for the language thing, we're a multilingual family, although some of us are proficient only in English. You can probably guess from the title of this post what one of the other languages is.

    Troutbirder, I hope you're enjoying your trip out west. Keep us updated.

  12. Shamu! Ungrateful progeny. Mine threatens to "put me in a home" whenever I explain that she's out of the will and my darling kitty is in. I do enjoy seeing Micah pics. You and SAM clearly get your exercise daily trying to keep up with him. Keeps you young!

  13. WS, insult tag is another one of those family favorites around here. It's all done in jest. At least I think it is. As for the will, we must have decided a long time ago that to avoid any bickering between the two offspring, we wouldn't leave anything of monetary value behind to bicker about. So far, the plan is working as scheduled....

  14. LOL..Oh how little children know how to have fun..I admire you for being out in that heat, but aren't you Floridians used to that? It gets hot and humid here and I wilt like an unwatered flower....Michelle

  15. I'm glad you enjoyed you Vatertag, and thanks for your comment on my Fathers Day.

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