1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
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    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Idle Thoughts of a '49er'

Yes, I'm finally
A forty-niner!
But daughter's not a Clementine
She's got a gold feller,
Though he's not yeller,
Air Force chap
And mighty fine...
(Walk2Write's own verse sung to the tune of "Clementine.")

I can't say "nifty, nifty, look who's fifty" just yet. The verse above the first picture is the best I can do for now. No, 09/09/09 is not my 49th birthday. I wouldn't be that lucky. But I did celebrate sometime last week by walking with SAM at Arcadia Mill. We weren't sure if the non-boardwalk part of the trail would be passable with as much rain as we've had lately. Fortunately, we managed to stay reasonably dry, didn't endure too many insect bites, and managed to find some beautiful plants along the way. As far as I can tell from looking at various sites, the berries are the fruit of a Brazilian Peppertree, Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi. If I'm right, it's probably not something the forestry people like to see because it's considered extremely invasive.

The walk last week at the old mill site must have whetted my appetite for even more treasure, and I didn't have long to wait before it was satisfied. My sister, the supreme fabric genius of the family, and my mom ensured that this 49er could celebrate in style.

Sis calls her creation "If Fishes were Stars." It's quite an intricate design using the Stack n' Whack technique. Sis even thought to provide care instructions on the back as a quilt block: "Machine wash only when soiled, mild detergent, gentle cycle, no bleach. Dry flat. Avoid direct sunlight." Guess that means no hanging it outside on the clothesline? So far, I've managed to avoid soiling it because I remove it at night before bedtime. I haven't reached the point where I need adult diapers yet, but Daughter keeps reminding me that it won't be long....

We took the Gold Feller--Mr. T--and Daughter to the National Naval Aviation Museum on Labor Day. He's in the Air Force Reserves--active duty right now--and lived in this area before but had never been to the museum. I think he was pleasantly surprised by the displays, sheer size of it all, and historical significance of the place located in Pensacola NAS, the Cradle of Naval Aviation. He and Daughter have a history of their own. They've been friends for five years, keeping in touch by telephone (Daughter doesn't use e-mail very often). When Mr. T found out that Daughter had split with her latest beau, he wasted no time in getting back to town and making his move. Pity da fool!

He isn't a fool, really. I think he fits right in with the rest of this clan.

I'm happy to say that Mr. T is quite welcome here, and I hope he likes it better than he used to (he hates hot weather). Let's not be in any rush to have Daughter movin' out west, especially way up to Alaska, young Gold Feller!


  1. Great little song lyrics!!! LOL! Sounds like you like the young gold feller! Happy day! Important when talking about something extra perfect like a daughter!!!

    Happy 49th birthday!!! I am jealous...I am 3 years past 50 this October!!! My hair went all white too!!! LOL

  2. You aren't 50 yet? I have you beat by 3 years....A Belated Happy Birthday..many more to come. ... Michelle

  3. Congrats to your daughter. She looks most happy.

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you made a birthday wish and that it comes true. Beautiful quilt!

  5. Mr. T has the best sense of humor, Julie. Good thing too. Once he sees that picture of him pointing a finger at Alan Shepard's nose, it will be put to the test. Really, I got permission to put some pics on the blog. I just didn't say which ones. I've heard that silver hair is a sign of great wisdom and a life lived well.

    Thanks, Michelle. I'm looking forward to as many as I'm allowed.

    It's about time for her, Tina. She's been spinning her wheels for far too long trying to help a few other young men grow up.

    I think it is coming true, Marnie. Thanks!

  6. My 50th, celebrated the same time I got my degree, brought a pot full of 50 Tootsie-Roll Pops with a card stuck in the middle proclaiming: "50 Sux!" My older brother got it for me (he just called about 20 minutes ago).

    That's a gorgeous quilt! My Mother and sister do a little quilting. Although Mother doesn't take up the needle as often as she used to due to macular degeneration. My sister made one for my wife and I years ago. We've kept it on our bed all those years, the bottom half is exposed to full sun and has faded (I think that's a good metaphor).

    I told the kids on the bus they could call me "Mr. TC." But When I was in the Navy, a lot of my fellow submariners (submariners do not call each other "shipmates," ships were surface going vessels and we considered them and their inhabitants, i.e., shipmates, targets) called me "Mr. T."

    I wish your daughter and Mr. T all the happiness in the world! And of course that goes for you and SAM too. ;~)

  7. Well happy birthday... and many happy returns. I'm a few years behind you. Wish I had something wonderfully witty or wise to say. I don't.

    Looking forward to helping ID the little succulents.

  8. Happy belated Birthday, W2W! I'm a 49'er, too, but in a different way:) The quilt from your sister and Mom is gorgeous! Having attempted a few baby quilts, I can appreciate the skill and time that went into making this.
    Best wishes to Daughter and the "Gold Feller." For your sake, I hope she doesn't move to Alaska!

  9. What a great birthday idea your brother had, TC! Did you share or keep them all to yourself? I'm a little jealous of my sister's skill with the needle (my mom used to do a lot of it too), and I keep threatening to learn how to sew. It's only an idle threat, though. I get cross-eyed every time I try to thread the needle and easily frustrated when (not if) the thread tangles. Sound like you're already loosening up with the kids on the bus. I thought you were going to be such a tough guy! I guess you could call the nickname given in the Navy your Sub-Dub. Thanks for all of the good wishes!

    Hey, Claude, it's the thought that counts! I'm counting on you and Julie for the ID. There was only a care card provided with the plant.

    Thanks, Rose. Quilts are such a wonderful expression of love, patience, faith, fellowship.... If you've ever been to a quilt show or talked to a group of quilters, you'll know what I mean. I so enjoyed your latest post about the tomato juice, by the way. It takes me back.
    I'll relay your good wishes to the two of them.

  10. 49er has a good ring to it. I'm 39 and a half myself. Actually more than half at this point, almost the Big Four Oh!

  11. Happy Birthday! I promise that Nifty Fifty doesn't hurt a bit! It's just another chance to celebrate with a party.

    Although invasive, the Pepper tree, looks very attractive. I bet the birds love those berries.

    What a lovely quilt. My mother is a quilter so I know the work that went into that one! I know you cherish it.

    Daugher's Fella looks very cute and like he has a fun sense of humor--a winning combination!

  12. The Brazillian pepper is considered an invasive species around here. The one in my backyard produces lovely shade, but continuous mess, and new shoots spring from it's roots like Hydra.
    I LOVE the quilt. Wish I had that kind of talent, or at least talented relatives.
    Your pics of the museum reminded me of my trip there about 8 years ago w/ family.

  13. Mr. S, you're still a young'un. Enjoy it and cherish the days. It's the secret to staying young, or so I've heard.

    I'm glad to hear that 50 will be pain-free, MG! It's something to look forward to. You know, I think that pepper tree's secret to success has been its appeal to human and avian appetites--for beauty on the one hand and berries on the other. I didn't see many of that type of tree in the woods, but it won't be long....

    WS, the tree in your backyard must have been part of the establishment when you moved in. Now that it's there and doing such a good job of providing shade, you hate to send it packing. (The nerve of such things, ingratiating themselves like that!>)

    Thank you, Unseen! So sorry I've been negligent about visiting lately.

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Make a wish!

    Love the song lyrics! (Perhaps, could that be because my name is involved?)

  15. Really cute song! Wonderful trip to the Aviation Museum as well....and that Feller does look like Gold! :-) LOVE the quilt, too!


  16. A late happy birthday to you! That quilt is stunning. Your daughter looks very happy with her beau. Alaska is far away but worth a visit - even more stunning than Maine.

  17. I love music & your sense of humor Happy Belated BD! I'm a Sept. babe, too. That's a great closeup of those berries. Love the water shot and glad you weren't bitten by insects. Talented family. Quilt is lovely. (Sorry I can't keep up with all the pics...) Oh, your hubs' name here is a GREAT play on words from "Secret Agent Man" song. Am on on the right track?

  18. CM, my wishes always come true in some form or fashion!

    Thanks, Marie. Mr. T keeps proving his worth all the time.

    Sarah, I know I'm a bit late in saying thank you for the birthday wishes. Oh well! I've always wanted to visit Alaska, so I guess another wish might be coming true!

    Gel, lately I'm always "belated" so don't apologize. Thanks for becoming a follower of the blog. When I get home later this week, I'll catch up on everyone else's posts. Yes, you're right about SAM's "handle." He says when he was a kid, he wanted to be either a secret agent or a geologist. When he became an unemployed geologist a while back, he decided to check into becoming a secret agent but discovered there is an age limit for that particular occupation. Not fair!