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    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
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    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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    a person who travels from place to place.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

This Little Piggy Went to Market Days in Tallahassee

Every other weekend or so, now that the Bahia grass and other weeds lie dormant at home in Santa Rosa County, Secret Aging Man and I spend our time and other limited resources in and around Tallahassee. We found plenty of things to spend them on this weekend at Market Days, a major source of revenue for the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. The event also affords an opportunity for shoppers weary and wary of the mall and its collection of imported, cheap-yet-overpriced gifts to look for handmade holiday bargains. This little piggy went to Market Days with the rest of her piggies in tow. Now a resident of Florida, she doesn't drive anymore in all that ice and snow.

She loaded up on fresh produce like navel blood oranges, turnip greens, field peas, green beans, and potatoes. And let's not forget that item most important to her soul nutrition--fresh flowers to fill the planters, aka the apartment garden. Pansies aren't as wimpy as their name implies. They're hardy enough to withstand the occasional cold blasts of arctic air our neighbors up north are more than willing to share. You know who you are; bare your toes if you dare!

After going to market on Saturday, this little piggy stayed home the next day and cooked up a mess of fresh veggies to go along with SAM's grilled chicken. Somehow knowing there's a limit to too much of a good thing, this little piggy had roast beef (prime rib) Saturday night at Julie's Place, one of her favorite Tallahassee restaurants, and wanted something different to eat on Sunday. She had planned on preparing a cozy dinner for two at the apartment after shopping, but then she and SAM got stuck in traffic because of a Christmas parade downtown. Those two dollars a glass drinks of happy hour house wine (yes, please, Burgundy) washed down the beef and fixin's just fine.    
Besides the fresh stuff for sale at market, there were plenty of other things to buy, and some were even "green," like this used tire turned into a bird feeder/watering bowl. It's a clever, attractive way to re-purpose and keep at least some junk out of the landfill. Lauri Hall and her husband design and craft all kinds of things out of tires for their business, Tire Swings and Garden Things. One Florida blogger I know, Julie (not associated with the restaurant but also a fine cook as well as artist and creator of A Succulent Life), isn't afraid to use tires in her garden. Why not take advantage of stuff that's already used and give it new life? It's the sort of attitude that my grandparents and parents had, and it served them well, saving money and the planet from a lot of unnecessary waste.  

Mrs. Hall didn't mind posing with some of her waste-preventing handiwork. After reading The Florida Blogger's post regarding a St. John's River tour (offered free if he blogged about it), this little piggy had none of her usual shyness asking a favor from a stranger. Wanna be featured on my blog, Mrs. Hall? There really is no danger. (For that bird feeder I did pay and for another one, someone's gift for Christmas Day.) 
We might not have gone to Market Days if not for the invitation from one of SAM's co-workers. Her mom, owner of Simply Elegant by Michelle, LLC, was one of the many talented artists and craftspeople who took their wares to market. SAM hates to shop, but he does like to show support for friends and their families. I do too.

One thing I didn't buy on Saturday was a poinsettia. I'm not sure why, but I've lost my appetite for it as a holiday plant. Maybe it has something to do with learning about its association with the conquest of Mexico. Luckily, this vendor had other plants for sale. Remember the pansy? It's no shrinking violet, though it does share some characteristics and a genus name with Viola. Pansies in some form have been cultivated for hundreds of years but were given their common name not long after the 4th century by someone who spoke French. The word pensee means thought or remembrance. It's no wonder I like them so much, especially now that I've learned something about their history. After making our last Market Days' purchase from the flower vendor, as you might imagine, SAM was fed up with shopping. He asked me if I wanted to take a hike, and this little piggy went "Oui, Oui, Oui!" all the way home--after a short drive to Leon Sinks Geological Area, after the long wait in downtown traffic, and after a satisfying meal with wine. If ever you come to Tallahassee, I'll advise you on where to walk and dine: with me, of course, and mine.

Dry "swamp" at Leon Sinks Geological Area


  1. Well it looks like you guys had a great day shopping. A handmade craft fair is just the thing this time of the year. Those recycled tire objects are awesome!

  2. Though I wish we had a Farmer's Market in the winter, I do really enjoy the snow, and would miss it.

    Hope you got some great veggies! Oh, loved the recycled items. I love when I can repurpose any item!

  3. Very imaginative presentation for your post today, Ingrid. I enjoyed it very much. Looks like you had a grand time at market! ~karen

  4. How dare you show such wonderful, 'sunny' things as fresh produce, 'sunny' days, flowers, an outdoor market and a gloriously 'sunny' mental state when I am freezing,having being cut off by snow and ice for more than a week, from anything resembling anything warm and sunny at all.

    Go away now!

  5. Tina, I wish a handmade crafts fair would be available year-round here. Of course, there are the online sites, but it's not the same thing as being able to see the quality close-up and in person. You're pretty adept at recycling things yourself! Maybe there's a business in the future for you and Mr. Fix-It.

    Ciss B, I won't hold it against you for preferring the snow over fresh veggies:) We did get some great ones at the market. Tonight, I fixed the field peas with the greens. Soul food is the best way to describe it.

    Thanks, Karen. I think I had a better time shopping than SAM did, but he's enjoying the purchases so much, there's no disagreement that we both had a great time.

    Okay, Friko, but just until your next post. I'm enjoying myself by visiting your frozen land, virtually that is. Give me more! Heehee!

  6. Wish I could think of a clever comment here to go along with your "this little piggy" theme, but I can't, so I'll just say this was fun to read--I laughed out loud when I got to "oui, oui...":) You and SAM always find the most interesting places to go. I'm not sure I could get my husband to go to a craft fair, though he would definitely prefer that to the mall! Love that tire bird feeder--I will have to check out her site.

  7. November and December are you driest time of year up there, right?

  8. LOLOL! Thanks for the "mention"...I had to laugh at your description of me! hahaha. Very sweet though, and I appreciate it! I am gonna go over now to check out that gal's website...much have a closer look at what you bought! Sounds like an awesome design! I do seem to have an affinity for tires! You know I have also bought a purse made out of tire??? I did a post on it a few years back. Well, and other tire ideas just seem to find me and I like them. Wanted to tell you I bought some pansies for my tires and within 2 weeks they fell over and have basically left the area...I will have to go look for them tomorrow and see if they are still around. Too tender for me down here anyway...they are just so cute, I wanted to give them a try. You are so cute in your hiker pose there at Leon Sink's GA.!! The hike sounded way better than the traffic jam, etc. You are so fortunate to have your great hubby, SAM! Tell him I say hello!!! Enjoy all your fresh vegies and flowers!

  9. Rose, I'm so glad you liked the post. I had been running around in flip-flops up until yesterday, so I thought why not expose the foot a little more? Who knows, maybe some famous foot photographer will ask me to pose and pay me a fortune. So far, we've had a couple of bird visitors to the feeder, and they seem to like it. It certainly is easy to keep clean. There's a wire mesh to let any water that collects drain freely. That means buying seed that's larger so not as many kinds of birds will be attracted to it.

    Mr. S, I guess so. I haven't lived in this particular part of Florida long enough to completely agree, but if it's anything like the NW corner, it would appear that's the case. The "typical" rainfall pattern, though, has been anything but that simce we moved to Florida six years ago.

    Julie, you're welcome, and I meant every word. Did the pansies you planted succumb to the heat or cold? I know that here they can't stand the heat but seem to love the colder weather. I will either tell SAM you said hello or just send him here to the comment section. He does still read the comments. I wish he would post something again!

  10. Hi Walk2write..nice post and nice pics u have there, especially the one in which u pose in the middle f trees in front f that sheltered water.

    Also, i like the way u mix that poem with ur own experiences..

  11. Dear Walk2write,
    that was a very funny post (loved: SAM - Secret Aging Man) and I share your love for pansies! They are beautiful in colour, easy to cultivate, feel like velvet, stay fresh in a tiny vase - and are romantic, one cannot ask for more!
    Your purchases for dinner sound marvelous - as your weather does: we have snow here, but I love that too - I take it as it comes. (Have to, come to think of it :-).

  12. OK, so maybe 'go away' was a bit harsh but even the 'dry swamp' didn't make up for the glories you showed up to then.

    We had minus 13C last night and it won't be any better tonight.


  13. Hello! Your right pansies aren't so wimpy that is unless you don't water them, then they just kind of fall over like the impatiens waiting for a drink of water. I am loving my pansies and they are surviving even with our "Blast Of Arctic" chill the weather people keep repeating until I think I am living back up north. I hear your getting some of the same.

    I love all the goodies you snagged and it all sounds like fun times. Have you seen the rocking horses made out of tires? Really cute ! I would love to have one to hang on my front porch.

  14. Florida looks really appealing on this sub-freezing day in Maine. Our outdoor farmers’ and flower market is over by December until June. Thanks for sharing your bounty. What a cool swamp too!

    Thanks too for your thoughtful comment on my post. I answered your questions there.

  15. Thanks, Tomz. Literature comes in all shapes and sizes, don't you think? Some people might not agree, but I think even nursery rhymes deserve some play time once in a while.

    Britta, pansies have always been a favorite of mine. When I was a kid, I could not understand why it was used as a derogatory term. Boys, especially, liked hurling the insult at one another. Yes, the cold weather is something we can do nothing about, so I might as well forget complaining. Make the best of it, which is why I blog more when the weather is rotten.

    Friko, you didn't happen to wish any of that cold air on us here in Florida, did you? No, I didn't think so. Hope it warms up for you soon.

    Yep, Sandy, we're getting the same arctic blast of air that you're feeling. Global warming must be on hold or something. I did see some children's swings in animal shapes made out of tires, but I got to thinking it might be a little uncomfortable for a child to sit on during the summer here. I still remember burning my legs on a tire swing one summer day a long time ago. Ouch! A front porch in the shade would be a good place to have one.

    Sarah, we're getting some cold air too right now. But it should warm up some in a few days. The yo-yo-ing temps can be a little unnerving. I usually layer my clothing this time of year and peel some off if the day warms up. Thanks for answering my questions so promptly and clearly.

  16. Cute post with your little piggies. I have some pansies that I bought before Thanksgiving that still need to be planted....oops. I love pansies. In German their name translates to be Little Stepmothers. Funny.

  17. What a fun visit. I do like the farmers and craftsy markets but of course here they lie dormant till spring. The walk and dine off sounds very nice. Or first ever visit to Fort Meyer i.e Ding Darling, Corkscrew and Twins spring training was so great we will go back. I'm pushing a road trip this time along the entire Gulf Coast on the way back to Fort Myer, Time will tell if it happens but at least then I'll ask for some suggestions on nature/hiking venues on the northwest Florida Gulf coast. :)

  18. Sure, TB. I'll help any way I can. The coast is always nice to visit, but you might be missing out on some great places if you leave out the more inland attractions. I would definitely check out Ichetucknee and some of the other springs if you have the time.