1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
  2. 2.
  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
  2. 2.
    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A to Z Reflections Post

Funny thing. I only missed two letters during the April 2011 A to Z Blogging Challenge. They vanished in the middle of the month when we moved out of the apartment and into the lake house: N and O. Together, they make a word that's not welcome in my vocabulary anymore. I am not sorry they are MIA.

For some reason, Lawrence Welk's goodnight song is getting mixed up in my head with a tune I learned as a Girl Scout:

Good night!
Sleep tight!
And pleasant dreams to you!

Make new friends, but keep the old...

Make a wish
And a prayer...

One is silver...

That all your dreams come true...
And the other's gold!

And sooo, till we
Meet again...

Au revoir!
Auf Wiedersehen!

Good night!

Thanks to all of the fine folks who visited, paid their respects, and wished us well during this Challenge. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Thanks to Arlee Bird and the other hosts who made it all possible. Just in case you missed the long list of Challenge participants that I provided a link to with nearly every post, at the end of this post there's a blog hop with links to other bloggers who survived the Challenge and lived to post about it.

Go ahead and jump! Oh, no. Now, I've got this song stuck in my head. Someone, help, please! Give me some other music to think about, or I may be trapped in the 80s for who knows how long...


  1. It's late and that song's putting me in a mood as well, but I thought I'd get this one last comment. Missing NO is not all that bad and maybe could symbolize a post in it's nonexistence. So there, you didn't miss those letters--they were part of a symbolic non-post. Sounds perfectly logical too me.

    I can tell I'm getting tired cause I'm rambling sillily.

    Anyway, Congratulations for a tremendous tribute to the alphabet despite saying NO and appreciate all of the fine comments as well. And I'm not even gonna think about the "Jump" song before I go to bed.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Missing out N and O is simply wrong, or should I say "It's simply wrg"?

    Think of all the things you can't have without either:
    pige pie
    although braised pigs uterus remains unaffected!

  3. You did a great job! Jump! I love it! Good way to wake up this morning and get me started!

  4. You did a great job! And not liking the word "No" you can change it to "on"! Move on - and good luck!

  5. Congrats on getting through it!

    Now I will have that song stuck in my mind all day. The Lawrence Welk one, that is. I used to watch that with my grandma. I loved all the big hair and cheesy three piece suits. And the clarinets were aweseome! ( I played clarinet in jr. high.)

  6. Arlee, thanks for putting a philosophical twist on it. Now I don't feel so bad about missing the two letters.

    You're right, IG. What was I thinking or, rather, _ _ t thinking? Very important letters, indeed!

    Tina, glad to help in any way I can. It's a very enthusiastic song if nothing else.

    Britta, thank you! I like the reverse much better. You've evidently made the most of it in recent months.

  7. Well done so pat yourself on the back, better yet, get SAM to give you a back rub. I hope you're well into settling in and enjoying your new life. Maybe we'll have a regional bloggers meet-up one day. Good luck with the new homestead!

  8. How funny, just to miss NO! That is a most catchy song.

  9. Well done on completing the challenge you did a wonderful job!

  10. Congratulations to you. Go ahead and JUMP.

    At least that song has some spirit to it. If you got stuck on "Feelings" that would really be depressing.

  11. I don't think I made it to your blog during the challenge, but passing through now to say howdy.

  12. Hi there. It was great to meet you through the challenge and hope we can continue enjoying each other's posts.

    I've just announced a writers group on my blog and at the link I will leave you, in case you might be interested.


    Join the new Romantic Friday Writers Group.

  13. Thanks for coming over to my blog. Well done for completing the challenge

    Duncan In Kuantan

  14. those silver dolphins are a great accent w/that song! Very dreamy... and I just heard Jump on TAL! They wre talking about the M&Ms clause in VH's contract. Funny~

    :o) <3

  15. Rosey, Mr. Welk was welcomed every week into our household when I was growing up. We only had one TV, and Dad was in control of it. The show was indeed cheesy. Dad could tell I wasn't overly fond of it so he would try to get me interested in it by making me laugh. Remember the team of Sissy and Bobby? Dad gave the male half a nickname. It started with "P" and rhymed with Sissy.

    We are settling in, Paula. Thanks! The move from Santa Rosa County is almost complete. This moving in stages has been really weird. I would love to meet up with you and the other bloggers around Pensacola. We will be back every so often to visit our son and his family as well as to check on the house. Tax man says the trip is a deductible item, but more importantly I want to make sure the renters are taking care of the plants:)

    Sarah, the letters just happened to fall on the weekend of the move. Strange and funny indeed. That song really brings up memories. When our kids were little, they loved to dance and prance around the house to it. So full of energy!

    Thanks, Mercy! I wish you well on your moving plans.

    Anthony, gotta agree with you there. Thanks for stopping by.

    J.L., I'm glad you decided to drop in and say hi. I'll be over soon to return the favor.

    Thanks, L'Aussie, for the invite. I'll have to decline for this week, but looking ahead on the calendar that day appears to be open. I will certainly check out the link.

    Thank you, Duncan, for stopping by and commenting. Congrats to you too!

  16. Well, hi, Leigh! Just missed you. We were posting comments about the same time. The dolphins do their thing every day in front of the new Capitol building in Tally, landlocked though we are.

    That is a funny coincidence, hearing the song just before coming here. I'll bet you're really energized having heard it twice in one morning. It's better than two cups of strong coffee.

  17. Hi, thanks for commenting and following - it's a good thing you did, as at the rate I am blog-hopping, it may take a while to see everybody.
    Congrats for finishing - NO worries about missing a couple of letters.

    Life on The Farm

  18. So two letters vanished! You still did it.

  19. Hi, Just making my way through the blog-hop, sorry our paths didn't cross during the challenge!

    Love you quote about life being a journey - it's something of a mantra I've taken on board in recent years!

    Will be back - yes, you have a new follower! ;-)

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  20. Nooooo, not that song! :-)

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge :-)

  21. Wow! That was a challenge all right.

  22. Congrats! on finishing ... it was a fun challenge and a great way to meet new people. And I say NO to that song ... and anything Van Halen. They were great back in the day. Waaaaaaay back in the day. Aren't they in the Smithsonian, next to Fonzie's leather jacket and Archie Bunker's chair?

  23. My grandparents loved LW. Van Halen was much better with DLR. They've been playing second fiddle ever since he left.

  24. Well done you, keeping up the Challenge in the middle of a move. Stellar! Enjoyed your journey from A-Z.

  25. Congratulations on making it all the way through the challenge! I didn't get a chance to read all your A-Z posts, but did enjoy all that I read.

    Van Halen is playing as I type it will be going through my head all day, too:)

  26. Congrats on completing (minus N and O) and on the move. I hope you are happy.

  27. You've got that damn Van Halen song in my head now...thanks a LOT! Sigh. Congrats on finishing (NO is a post, it really is. Rather symbolic, actually. I like that.) Maybe this will interest you:
    Shannon @ The Warrior Muse and I are joining forces in another challenge. We're going to visit and comment at each of the participants, starting with the reflections post. We hope you'll join us!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  28. Congratulations on finishing. I didn't quite make it, but I admire all you folks that did! I'll be "jumping" for the rest of the night with Mr. Van Halen in my head.

  29. Just human to miss and best if it's a NO.Moving from a apartment to a lake house, one is better off without that little word:)Hope you are enjoying your new place.

  30. Dear Walk2Write,
    I hope that you are just settling in and taking a deep breath - but that you did not mean Farewell when you reached "Z"?? I would miss you terribly! But, being of an optimistic nature, I just wait and see: and hope you carry on! Britta