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    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
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    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Thoughts: Garden Like There's No Tomorrow--'Berry' Carefully

Whenever he noticed someone working on a project with great determination, my dad used to say that person was going at it (whatever it might be) like there's no tomorrow. These dewberries or ground-hugging blackberries in my yard seem to be doing just that sort of thing.

As soon as we could get away from unpacking boxes, SAM and I began working out in the yard, clearing away weeds and changing the landscape to suit ourselves. You might recall that we had renters last year who took it upon themselves to drastically alter the look of our home, the interior as well as the exterior. Some of the landscape changes I like, but all of them have added a lot of work to the upkeep of the yard. There are more beds and plants to weed and keep watered and mulched.

The curious thing about those renters is that they weren't interested in maintaining the new plants they added, let alone the ones I had growing. Our well-established blueberry patch looked like it was being consumed by these wild dewberry vines. Earlier this week, a day after we returned from a trip to Southern Illinois, I started to yank them out, hands covered by thick gloves, but SAM advised that I leave some alone. Those ripening berries did look mighty tempting to a couple of sweaty, weary gardeners, and I should have been wearning a body glove. The vines are covered by millions of tiny, painful, needle-like thorns that grab at your ankles too. Okay, I'm convinced. You don't have to twist my arm. I'll let some plants live.

Early each morning I walk across the lawn wet with dew and find more ripe berries to add to our yogurt. I'm hoping that by Easter morning there will be enough of them to bake a pie. SAM wondered if I could just collect them for the next couple of days, but I think they might be like manna from heaven and rot if I try to hoard them.

Bald Knob Cross in Alto Pass, Illinois

Good Friday to you from SAM and Walk2Write!


  1. So you are back living in your old house in Florida?? I remember you showing what the renters had done to the landscaping. You're a more patient person that I:)

    This brought back memories of my Mom picking dewberries; I don't remember how she fixed them, though.

    Hope you're getting settled in and wishing you a Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, Rose, we're back and happy to be here. I'm wondering if your Mom fixed those berries in a cobbler. I'm thinking either a pie or cobbler would be the best way to prepare them if I can get enough of them together. I probably should have left a few more of those prickly vines where they were instead of yanking them out of the ground:) Happy Easter to you!

  3. How disappointing to find your garden needing so much work. We constantly battle wild blackberries as they are so prickly.

  4. Happy Easter to you and SAM! So glad you are back home and enjoying home again. The blackberries do look delish!

  5. Glad you are back in Florida!!! Good luck on your pie...wish I could eat some. My daughter, DIL, and myself have gone on the old Scarsdale diet. PIE SOUNDS GOOOOODDD!!!!! Happy Easter!!!

  6. I haven't had dewberries in years! Yummy! Like Rose, I just don't think I would have been as patient as you've been. I'm dealing with an ever present Bermuda grass in my garden at the moment and am almost ready to give up. Happy Easter, and of course happy spring!

  7. Dear Walk2write,
    these berries sound very delicious! As we have a bit of snow here at Easter (unusual) I get theidea that maybe you can frost a few in your fridge, if you have too many?
    It is very unkind of your renters too change so much and neglect it then. Well, now you are back and can do it your way! A Happy Easter

  8. Good to hear that you are back home in Florida, W2W. The dewberries look and sound yummy, but I would not be enthusiastic about the invasive, thorny vines at all! Hope you can gradually bring your yard back to the way you like it.

  9. Sarah, I'm actually enjoying the work so much I get to humming along with the bees so busy with the blossoms. The weather has been quite pleasant here lately. Come summertime, I might be singing a different tune:)

    Thanks, Tina! We're glad to be back home. I hope you had a great Easter.

    Julie, I don't remember the Scarsdale diet. If it involves self-denial (especially when things from the garden are ready to harvest, then it's not for me. Everything in moderation is more my style, though it's hard to know when enough is enough with certain things like blackberry pie.

    Happy Easter and Spring, Ciss B! Good luck with that Bermuda grass. We had to deal with that when we lived in West Kentucky. For some reason, the people we bought that house from thought it would make an ideal lawn. Yuck!

    Britta, I did manage to keep a small bowlful in the refrigerator for Easter Sunday morning pancakes. Our grandson thought they were wonderful. Happy Easter time to you!

    Mary, I'm not enthusiastic about the vines when I'm picking the fruit, but as soon as I get to eat a few, I forget all about the pain they cause. We are slowly but surely getting the yard back in shape. Thanks!

  10. Hello W2W,

    belated Easter wishes.. yeah and I do remember the last time when you talked about your disturbing tenants..and I hope the weeds have been cleared from your yard by the effort of you and SAM.

  11. Yum! Fresh berries! I will have to wait a few more months for mine. Glad you are moved and getting settled in. I remember when you posted about the changes your renters made. I thought they had a lot of nerve!! I've rented once or twice and would never alter someone elses property. Oh, well. What is, is. Now to make the best of it! Have a relaxing weekend inbetween all your work!

  12. Hi, Tomz, and belated Easter greetings to you too. We're still working on the weeds. It's one of those projects that never ends here.

    Great advice, Karen. "What is, is. Now to make the best of it!" I wish Florida and Nova Scotia were closer to each other. I know you'd be a great neighbor.

  13. I do remember you talking about those renters. I am behind in my own garden but I did go out and water the pansies since rain is scarce and we are having a freak 90 degree day tomorrow. Hope you had a great Easter.

  14. We had so much fun today after church, Wayne. There was a local garden show with lots of vendors, our pastor included. He was selling some heirloom tomato plants that he's been growing. And another church member has a business grafting fruit trees and coming up with interesting varieties. I decided to invest in another fruit tree, this time a mulberry. I'm hoping it will serve to distract the birds from our blueberry plants and provide us with some delicious fruit too.

  15. Hello there! I've gone in and read a couple of posts about your renting and 'leaving your home in good hands', so sorry that it has turned out this way for you. Best of luck enjoying your return to your gardens and to making them your own once again. I look forward to reading more of your garden adventures.

    Cindy Sue