1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
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    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schwarmerei or Wrought Irony?

It might not look like it here, but Peanut the cat is exhibiting a severe case of Schwarmerei ("extravagant enthusiasm," the losing word in the 2012 National Spelling Bee). She is usually more demonstrative, but it's about 6 p.m. in this picture, and her action has run down for the day, I'm sorry to say.

She prefers a little morning light to be shed on her behalf. I'd say it's preferable to what she sheds on our behalf. Cat hair is everywhere to be found on the new tile floor. But it blends in quite well with the new color scheme, don't you think?

SAM chose the flooring, and it's no surprise to me why he picked this particular color and style: Now that he's working from home, he and I share the cleaning chores--it's so easy to overlook those hair balls lurking underfoot...

and there's a piece of picture sandstone placed prominently on the great room wall near the front door. That piece of rock is not the only geological feature in this house.

SAM's rock garden has outgrown its former, more humble home (seen here and in the second pic in this post, way at the back, where it holds my German china).

SAM is not particularly Schwarmereic when it comes to gardening outside, but he did design the tropical garden where we buried all of that exhausted cardboard.

It's funny how things have turned out: I'm now working away from home, building my massage practice. SAM's become quite adept at garden design and cleaning the house, among other things. The rocks have a nicer home than my china. Age before beauty, I guess.


  1. Dear Walk2Write,
    but the rocks seem to me beautiful, too! Your cat is lovely - and I know from visits to friends with cute cats: those love to rub at your black trousers, before you go to a dinner :-)

  2. Bet the stones and floor are cool! I know my dogs love the cool touch in warm weather.

  3. Ha! Now I know what I need to do with my flooring-immediately change the color to white to go with our shepherd mix dog's hair! It would make things simpler but unfortunately I have family and friends who would still look close. Love the china cabinet full of rocks! I still have the Jimster's beautiful collection SAM gave him those years ago.

    I must tell you it is always nice talking to you knowing I have met you. I am just back from the fifth annual spring fling and boy, it is not always so nice meeting other bloggers-most of the time great but oh so very different in person and sometimes all a bit hurtful but you know I guess we can never really take blogging personal. Just wanted to tell you it was an experience I know you'll appreciate because you took the chance to meet us that one October day! Good luck on the massage practice. You'll do great. Great use for the cardboard.

  4. Britta, I've experienced dressy black pants with hair all over them myself. It makes me wonder why I ever allowed the cat to stay inside in the first place. Now that she's in, though, she's in like Flynn.

    Ciss B, the floor does feel rather nice this time of year. I'm wondering what next winter will be like. We'll probably have to get an area rug for the seating area. Or maybe I could convince the cat to let me rest my feet on her back.

    Tina, you're one of the main reasons I've stuck with blogging. Whenever I get discouraged about it and feel like giving it up, I think about all the neat stuff I've learned from you and other bloggers like you and how much more I appreciate gardening, art, literature, travel (you name it) since I've started the blog. You're one of the nicest and most dedicated bloggers out there. Meeting you and your family was an experience I'll always treasure. Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. Looks like you are all settled in nicely and the whole move thing has taken its toll on poor Peanut! Still I am sure once Peanut has recuperated from all the trauma of the move etc. Schwarmerei will be forthcoming!

    As for Rock vs. China in the good cabinet....aren't you the tolerant, understanding woman. More power to you. That I could be that tolerant!

  6. There are so many things going on here, where do I start?
    Big words certainly suit you, not everyone can pull it off.
    Your cat is gorgeous (a distant relation of Sweet William Grey's? Maybe not if he came from Milton.)
    I love the house, I like the main rooms to be wide open too and it's surprising how tile can make you notice every. little. piece. of. dirt. And then there are the rollags of animal hair. Why, I think they might even be spinnable!
    And now, to the cardboard. Where do I start? I did lasagna beds over the winter so I know all about laying out cardboard plus I use it to make Keating's litter (run it through the paper shredder). Be sure and plant lots and lots of banana trees, they grow like weeds and they do make narnas. Plus you'll get a whole new vocabulary.
    I'm glad you're all settled in, it makes me all schwarmerei inside.

  7. That is one cool piece of sandstone! I'm giggling at the cat shedding no your behalf. Schwarmeri. Interesting... :D <3

  8. Ann, as long as SAM takes care of dusting off the rocks, I'll be happy with them in the good cabinet. And they're finally out of their storage boxes, which means more storage space for my stuff! I'm not totally unselfish here.

    Paula, Peanut was found beneath the place where our Daughter used to work, a salon/spa in Pace, not Milton. That would be an interesting use of cat hair, spinning it into wool. I'm not sure that the market for it would be all that great, but who knows? Pet stores might find a way to sell the stuff. We did plant a dwarf banana, if there really is such a thing. I've got an axe handy just in case it's not.

    Leigh, I can't say for sure, but I believe that Peanut thinks she's doing us a favor, giving us some more work to do so we don't become couch potatoes. Glad you like the word. I think it's pretty cool.

  9. How nice and cool your house is!
    Are these floor tiles you had troubles with the dealer? They seem to have been worth it. Peanat looks so gorgeous in harmony with the floor aesthetically and practically.
    The tropical garden seems to be producing the fruits of your labors.
    Have lovely days ahead!

  10. Cosmos, you're correct. These are the very same tiles. And you're right. They are worth it. I guess we had to earn the right to have them, besides shelling out a lot of money for them. The Italian craftsmen who made them must have enchanted them.

  11. Not to seem pett but you implied something here that kinda torques me off. How come a young American teenage speller has to lose the big one on a German word??? It hardly seems fair. In other words Ich nich konnen Deautsch sprechen oder spellen :)