1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
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    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WFREC: Cheers! Here, Plants, Everybody Knows Your Name

I don't know why, but for me it's a pleasure to pull weeds--as long as they're in someone else's garden. Maybe it's because I get to learn something new every time I visit. Wouldn't you know this lovely shrub is a Clerodendron ugandense (maybe 'Blue Wings')? I didn't until I asked the real Master Gardener in charge of volunteers at WFREC. It (the WFREC Gardens in Milton) is one of those places where, if you're lucky enough to be a plant, everybody knows your name. Everybody except me. I'm still learning, and it takes a lot of repetition. One of these days those plants will be as familiar to me as the characters on Cheers! I credit years of television reruns for that phenomenon.

Bees visiting this shrub don't have blue wings or extraordinary power, but they do tend to transcend ordinary when captured on a flower.

Some beds, it may be noted, were designed in formal style. If not for outside heat and obligations, I would have stayed there quite a while.

Who can resist antique roses that invite you to sit a spell and enjoy their smell? Forget your venting and breathe in their scent(ing)?

I'm glad that there were signs to remind me of the names. If not for that small help, I would have to resort to games...

Like memory-jogging-hopscotch or pick-a-plant-by-number or jump-in-the-nearest-fountain. Or smell-the-rosemary or ask-the-master-gardener-again or climb-the-nearest-mountain.... Oh dear, I would not have you deluded. In Florida, you see, the mountains are not included.

If "cool" is what you're looking for, then take a walk among shaded caladiums galore.

Some weeds in other beds are left for next time 'round. You won't notice if you don't look closely--they never make a sound.

(Thanks to Mary, my friend from NFREC and Gardening Friends of the Big Bend, who gave me the idea for this post.)


  1. Oh, it looks like a marvelous place! I have to be reminded of the names of the plants every year! Birds, too!

  2. Cute post with lots of good rhymes. Very nice plants too! The rose is very pretty!

  3. I had to enlarge the pix to find the bee! It looks so neat on the blooms. And such pretty blue blooms too...

  4. I'll never learn the Latin! But oh I love satin! And a rose on my toes would feel oh so relaxin!

  5. you've just commented on one of my posts, and I popped over to find your name - ah well for the moment you'll remain w2w for me! Anyhow, not only do we apparently both tinker with recipes, but enjoy gardening - but you're way more proactive than I am. Weed pulling is very satisfying, but I wish I'd get on to them before they try to take over the neighbourhood!

  6. Karen, with the new business I'm having to remember people names too! It's more tough than I thought it would be. At least with plants, if you can remember either the Latin or the common name, you've won half the battle.

    Tina, I'm smitten with Clotilde the rose! She's a tough gal and gets nothing but a little fertilizer and water to keep her happy. The only problem? She's a full-figured gal as you can see.

    Skeeter, the blue blossoms caught my eye right away when I was weeding nearby. They're so vivid and seem to bob in the breeze.

    TC, I knew I could count on you to be the poetic commenter. Glad you stopped in for a spell. Hope your summer's goin' great and that you're feelin' swell.

    Sue, that's my blogging name. I like to be a little mysterious. I know what you mean about the weeds. They multiply overnight.

  7. Walk2write, I love the entry! Those blue blossoms are really something! I can find lavender but seldom blue! WOW!

  8. I love that bush of mouthful name. I "googled" it to know if there were such beautiful and delicate flowers here and there were! "Blue butterfly" or like you say "Blue Wings". I'd like to buy if I come across one.
    Those gardens are beautiful.It seems ground covers are not cardboard boxes or peanut shells. Are they chips?

  9. I always love the way your sentences sound!! Good rhythm, indeed!
    It would be lovely to stroll through the shaded caladiums galore. The blue flowers are pretty and looked just like blue wings!!

  10. Ciss B, it's true that there aren't many blue flowered plants. I wonder why? Maybe it's because the pollinators favor other colors? Anyway, when you find a good blue one, it seems kind of exciting. Or maybe that's just my reaction. Well, yours too, apparently.

    Cosmos, is you have a university extension system like here in the States, you might enlist their help on determining whether this plant is suitable for where you live. Most large nurseries can check on its availability. The mulch is simply a combination of wood chips and leaves provided by the crew that maintains the campus grounds. They dump it into huge piles for us (the volunteers) to spread around in the various beds.

    Thank you, Sapphire. Your compliment is much appreciated. I like to have a little fun with words.

  11. When I was a kid we vacationed in Florida and went to Busch Gardens. That was an amazing place. I still have memories of it.

  12. What a fun read. Good thing to volunteer.

  13. Mr. Tremp, I'd bet there aren't many people who would say no to visiting a beautiful garden. It takes us back to our roots I suppose.

    Wayne, I'm glad you liked it. Yes, I'd work for free all the time if someone paid my bills!

  14. Ok. I admit to hating weeding after doing it in a veggie garden for forty plus years. I gave that up this year but continue on with my beloved flower garden. I've been catching up on my blogging friends as it took a month to replace a deceased computer. Several trips to the Mayo Clinic also popped up.... :)

  15. What beautiful gardens to work in! This is my favorite part of volunteering, too; I've learned as much helping out in some of the gardens we sponsor as I did in my Master Gardener class. There's always someone on hand who can identify a mysterious plant or weed or offer advice on how to care for one.