1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
  2. 2.
  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
  2. 2.
    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Friday, December 9, 2011

'Press On,' Literally

If you have been following yours truly since the beginning of this blog, you know that the journal and the journey began with a dream. The dream may have been put on hold for a while, but the journey continued. I didn't want to talk about the dream anymore; it went into a box and was sealed up for a while.

Then we moved to Tallahassee, and the most amazing thing happened. The dream was so strong that it broke the seal on the box and danced around in my head again. Its rhythmic beat would not be still. So I let it play out, the whole song, the whole dream. Only I didn't want to share it again with ya'll. I kept it close to the chest and piled on the layers. Call it superstition if you like. I prefer to call it intuition.

School is now over, and the test has been taken
My faith has been tested, but it wouldn't be shaken
The reason is clear
If you choose to look here

"Press On" were the words
That I heard in my head
"Press On" were the words quite real
The words that often were spoken
The words that heal
The broken...



  1. When the dream is strong enough then it's probably worth pursuing. Good for you for not letting go of your dream.

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  2. We dreamed for years of retiring in France, we are now there, so dreams do come true. Hope that yours comes true as well. All the very best Diane

  3. I rmbr, after my graduation in Maths, I wanted to get a Post Graduation in Eng Literature. That was my dream..and after some years I made it. Your dream was different..I am happy to know that you are at the door step of the realisation of ur dream..Thanks for asking me to look at your old posts. It brought back the memories of my initial blogging days..

  4. Congratulations Massage Therapist!!! I am so happy for you!!! A great combo would be to speak soothing poetry as you work...I think that would melt all my knots, for sure!!! ENJOY!!!

  5. I have dream which does not come true yet. And I find myself try to find the reasons why it does not come true. I feel bad. To have the dream is wonderful and makes me feel high, but sometimes down. I think surely I am getting stronger because of keep holding my dream.
    Best wishes,

  6. >>...Here I play, not broken-hearted. I've left the band, and look what I've started. The music's all mine and so is the money. The band's hired a lawyer. Now that's not funny!


    Hey, that "Press On"-singin' dude was pretty good. I'd never heard of the bloke before but that kinda reminded me of some of Michael Card's older, more upbeat stuffs.

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about having not seen "Silence Of The Lambs"; I have it on my list amongst the all-time most overrated movies.

    And walk, walking, walked... right on! I too have always been a walking man, and as Kris Kringle says, "A fast-walking man is hard to beat!"

    I've always been a city dweller, so unfortunately I haven't done as much walking through nature as I would have liked. But I used to go on walks through the city that lasted for hours and hours.

    "It requires a direct dispensation from Heaven to become a walker. You must be born into the family of the Walkers. Ambulator nascitur, non fit. ... So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn."
    ~ Henry David Thoreau
    'Walking' - 1862

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Arlee, sometimes the dream was stronger than I. It had to be reined in now and then, but it never got away from me. Thanks.

    Diane, what a dreamy place to retire! I'd like to visit France someday but not sure I'd want to live there. I'd miss the swamps and gators too much.

    Tomz, I've known from the day I started reading your posts that you are a man of purpose. Your determination will take you far.

    Julie, I'm more likely to put on some soothing music. The sound of my voice would not be relaxing at all. And I don't think I could concentrate on doing both things at the same time. It's a very nice thought just the same. Thank you!

    Keiko, I read something early yesterday morning before I wrote this post. It came from Charles H. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening: "Thou art perhaps kept waiting in order that thy desires may be more fervent. God knows that delay will quicken and increase desire, and that if He keeps thee waiting thou wilt see thy necessity more clearly, and wilt seek more earnestly; and that thou wilt prize the mercy all the more for its long tarrying..." I guess the dreams need refining as much as the rest of us does. Hope your dream comes true for you.

    What a sweet comment, STM! Filthy lucre notwithstanding. HDT is one of my favorite thinkers. I'm glad you included him in your comment. He and you gave me a lot to smile about just now. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

  8. >>...HDT is one of my favorite thinkers.

    I kind of had a hunch you knew of him and liked him.

    I haven't had much time yet to really look over your "stuffs" like I hope to, but what little I've seen so far is obviously the writings of an intelligent person given to serious contemplation of the deeper things.

    You write quite well, too. I have already noticed a good deal of wordplay - something I seldom find in most posts by others. And it strikes me as oddly missing, too, since most of these folks are wannabe/gonnabe/currentlybe writers and I'd expect to see some unique, creative facility with words. But I rarely do.

    But you do know how to use words.

    To me, that's one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing; I always get a charge out of it when some completely unpremeditated wordplay just emerges from my typing fingers. It'll sometimes even make me pause and laugh because I'm thinking: OK, who wrote that REALLY?! And how did you get inside my head?

    You know, I'm talking about the "magic moments" that seem to be almost beyond our control, and something we can't even truly take credit for because it seems as if it wasn't fashioned by us but is just something we somehow tapped into or "channeled".

    Anyway, in the days ahead, I hope to read more of your posts.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. Dear Walk2Write,
    I just can guess by your words "Press on" and the exam on body therapy: have you reached your dream? I wish it to you you with all my heart!

  10. Congrats on getting your licence! That's wonderful news.

  11. press on. It's like my motto, just keep swimming. I'd forgotten it. Thanks for reminding me and supercongrats to you! :o)

  12. You did it! Congratulations!
    It may sound very strange to you but I personally believe that we are all born with some blue prints.., for I have had many prophetic/predictive dreams so far. I had known my husband in my dreams many years before I actually met him in Kyoto. There are probably two gates in our dreams: the gate of ivory and the gate of horn through which true visions arise.

  13. Congratulations on receiving your license! I understand about keeping a dream in a box and not talking about it for awhile; I still have a few dreams packed away, too. But I'm glad yours broke free and you have achieved it!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my last post--I was surprised how many people had already read Kate Atkinson. It makes me wonder what other good authors I've missed lately.

    Hope you're getting in the Christmas spirit!

  14. STM, maybe words are a form of energy (chi, life-force, God's will, what-have-you), and we're just vessels through which they flow. That's what I'm hoping is the case, anyway. Thanks for stopping by again.

    Britta, the dream has been attained. Just waiting on the state to issue something official. Thanks for all of your good wishes.

    Thank you, Lydia. I do enjoy your Medical Monday posts (I think that's what you call them). I may even have a question for you one of these days.

    Leigh, I know you're gonna make it all right. Just remember where the true current is and stick with it. I'm glad the post helped.

    Sapphire, I don't think it's strange at all what you said about "blueprints." Some people call it predestination. Whatever it is, it's pretty awesome when you recognize it. Years before I met SAM, my oldest brother gave me a sweatshirt with the acronym of his alma mater imprinted on it. When I looked in the mirror, a name appeared, and I thought to myself, self, you're going to meet and love a wonderful man with that name someday. Corny, but true.

    Thanks, Rose. I figured you had a few boxed up dreams too. Hope they come true for you. Yes, I'm getting into the Christmas spirit, like it or not. We've got company visiting for the next couple of weekends, and I've got a list of things to accomplish. Some thorough cleaning is at the top of it. Yuck! I'd rather sip eggnog and sing some carols. Merry Christmas to you!