1. 1.
    traveling from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods.
    "the peripatetic nature of military life"
    synonyms:nomadic, itinerant, traveling, wandering, roving, roaming, migrant,migratory, unsettled
    "I could never get used to her peripatetic lifestyle"
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  1. 1.
    a person who travels from place to place.
  2. 2.
    an Aristotelian philosopher.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"Lest We Forget"

A red flower. Do you know what my name is? The Roamin' Idiot who planted me does not remember it.

Something white. A Mother's Day present (Star of Bethlehem or Ornithogalum thyrsoides) which will be planted outside once the blooms fade. It will probably be placed on the south side of the lanai where the bulb will have good drainage and plenty of warmth in the winter.

One of my favorite blue flowers, Hydrangea "Endless Summer." It reminds me of an old-fashioned garden, but its characteristics reveal it to be a modern hybrid. It blooms on both old and new wood and can take direct sunlight and intense heat. I have two of these shrubs on the southwest corner of the house (in Florida, mind you!).

I dedicate this post and these flowers to the memory of my dad and my nephew. They both departed this earth in 2004, but they will never be forgotten. Both of them were veterans.

God of our fathers, known of old--
Lord of our far-flung battle line--
Beneath whose awful hand we hold
Dominion over palm and pine--
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget--lest we forget!
The tumult and the shouting dies--
The Captains and the Kings depart--
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget--lest we forget!
Far-called, our navies melt away--
On dune and headland sinks the fire--
Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,
Lest we forget--lest we forget!...
--Rudyard Kipling--


  1. A lovely choice of poems to honor all veterans, including your father and nephew. Too often we forget what this holiday is all about.

    Love your hydrangea; I have two of these, too. They are actually hardy here in Illinois, so if you are moving up here, I'd definitely think about bringing them with you.

  2. Thank you for the poem. Sadly most people forget about the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. And shun the ones who make it home.
    My hydrangeas are planted on the NE corner of my home in zone 8. It doesn't seem to grow very much & has just started to bloom but with small blooms. Should I move it or just let it be & wait?

  3. Thank you, Rose, for your visit and compliment. Today is one of those bittersweet days for me, as I'm sure it is for many people who have lost loved ones. It was sweet for me because I got to spend time with my grandson and the rest of our family here in Florida.

    Lola, thanks for stopping by and leaving a heartfelt comment. My dad served in Vietnam and was outraged and saddened by how veterans of that era were treated while overseas and when they returned home. I think maybe people are beginning to appreciate what a sacrifice our soldiers really make, not only in terms of their service but also in terms of their loss of time with family. I know I sure missed my dad the year he was gone.

    You didn't say what kind of hydrangea you have. This is the third season for mine, and they are finally blooming like crazy. The first year was nothing spectacular, last year was better, and now they are absolutely beautiful. I feed them twice a year with a timed release organic fertilizer. Once established, they don't require a huge volume of water. Keep them mulched. I use a rubber mulch since they are close to the foundation, and I don't want to attract termites. Good luck, and please stop by again.

  4. The red flower looks like Red Sage to me. If you crush a leaf, and it smells like pineapple, then it is a pineapple sage.

    Have you been to the Garden Gate in Gulf Breeze yet? Awesome place!

  5. Deborah, it doesn't smell like a sage. I bought it at Home Depot a couple of years ago, and I bet they still sell it, so I'll just have to find a pot of it and look at the label. It has a rhizome-like root system and tends to spread once established.

    No, I haven't been to the Garden Gate, though I think I may have passed by it before. Is it on Hwy. 98 east of town?

  6. It looks like a red Lobilia.
    I'm new to blogs so forgive my lack of blog etiquette.

  7. It looks like red Lobelia. I'm new to blogs so please forgive any blog faux pas' I may have committed.

  8. You certainly did not commit any blogging mistake that I'm aware of, Mr. Kinloch. To be honest, I wouldn't know if you had. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the flower's identity. You may be right.